Our Vision

At Cognitive, we firmly believe the future of customer experiences is data-driven, relevant and targeted. It is all about creating value for both the receiver and the sender. Becoming a customer experience-led company will require breaking silos across people working with the product, channels, marketing and IT. Instead, a truly integrated way of working is needed.
If you share our vision, let us help you transform your company into a truly customer-centric organization.

Customer Centricity

The customer is at the center of everything we do. Our business is about helping our clients on their own “journey towards customer centricity,” making them truly customer centric organizations. It is about listening and understanding on a deep level, both in our relationship with our clients as well as our client’s customers. We believe in adapting what we do to each client’s unique needs, there will not be a one size fits all.


Curiosity is the reason why we are able to drive change and advise our clients, with regards to where the market is heading. We aim to be in the forefront of data driven marketing and customer management and we need to adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape. We must seek out new information, see things new ways, think and rethink our hypothesis. That is how we keep up our drive.


Cooperation to us is sharing, informing and involving our clients, as well as each other internally. We know that diverse backgrounds and competencies are needed to reach the best results within the new world of data driven marketing and customer management. Our success is dependent upon us achieving what we set out to do because of our differences, not despite them.

Become one of us

Customer management and data driven marketing is growing at lightning speed. Cognitive is always looking for new brilliant minds with diverse backgrounds to join our amazing team. Do you want to shape the future of marketing and work in truly cross-functional teams across technology, creative, strategy and analytics?

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